seaTwist the Past 2 is the latest in a series of At Sea Compilations. Axel Messinger started the project in 2013 to provide a platform for new dark underground bands. The compilation is available as a free download or name your price from the link below. Twist The Past 2 – features a mix of great new bands for fans of Coldwave, New wave, Post punk, Deathwave, Darkwave, & Gothic rock. For me the main aim of a compilation is the chance to discover new bands and this definately has some stand out tracks included which for me are the following  Nocturne – Contre Jour,  Sabotage – Minuit Machine, La Felure – Varsovie,  and Night – I-M-R.  I would recommend listening to all of the bands and searching for more songs from the artists, as it’s difficult to always include the best tracks from all bands on both free and paid for compilations. Schonwald, Ash Code, Dark Door, and Saigon Blue Rain have further exceptional tracks worth discovering.

An essential free compilation. Download now and discover some great bands!