Here is the second of a series of interviews with people involved in the Gothic and Alternative music scene and to get an understanding in their own words how Russias war of war crimes against humanity is impacting people just like you and in Ukraine. For the second interview I am very happy to have an interview with Garden Krist.



Could you tell me a bit about yourself and your involvement in the Goth/alternative scene, so for how long, what you do?, Your 5 top favourite bands?, films, books? etc?

We play in different genres, and gothic has also been present in our work for a long time. We’ve been on the scene for 7 years now, and during that time we’ve released a lot of dark releases in the genres: industrial, ebm, darkwave, post-punk, etc. Now we are working on electronic dance music and playing techno in rave clubs in Ukraine. Undoubtedly, our group has influenced and continues to influence the development of the Ukrainian scene as a whole.

We love cinema very much.
Among the most favorite could be:
The Matrix, American Psycho, Climax (2018), Eyes Wide Shut

Favorite bands:
Deftones, Cocteau Twins, Coil, HIM, NIN, Keluar, Crystal Castles

Jack London, Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Douglas Bradbury

What do you miss most of all since russia started a full scale war?

Inner peace and nightly activities without a curfew.

Could you tell me in your own words how the full scale war being carried out by russia in Ukraine has affected your life?

With the outbreak of the war, we began to live differently: power outages, a rise in the price of everything necessary, anxiety appeared, we stopped planning – we live in the moment.


How do you feel towards russians after they have invaded Ukraine?

Since 2014, we have severed all ties with Russia. Nothing has changed so far.

What worries do you have most about russia’s war in Ukraine?

What worries me is that the war will be for a long time and will bring many deaths. Also, women leave Ukraine en masse for other countries, leaving their husbands and families.

What are your hopes for the future?

Ukraine will emerge victorious from this war, and we will all be able to return to a quiet life again.


What more help would you like to see countries give to Ukraine?

Europe is already helping our country a lot in any way it can. Our citizens are grateful for this and appreciate it very much.

Is there any more acton that you would like countries to take in regards to russia?

More sanctions.

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