Here is the seventh of my series of interviews with people involved in the Gothic and Alternative music scene and to get an understanding in their own words how russia’s war of war crimes against humanity is impacting people just like you and me in Ukraine. For my seventh interview I am happy to have an interview with Ginger Snap5 an electronic music project from Ukraine. GS5 combines a hybrid of dense electronic music, breakbeat, upbeat EBM with glitchy Future Pop. Ginger Snap5 is also known as a remix producer.

Could you tell me a bit about yourself and your involvement in the Goth/alternative music scene, so for how long, what you do?, Your 5 top favourite bands?, films, books? etc?

Hi there,

Well, such questions… So maybe I should begin from the early 90s and the fact that i’ve discovered music as a passion when I was 8 years old. When I was in middle school, I started trying to learn electro guitar, so I think it was the beginning. When I was in middle school, I started trying to learn electro guitar, so I think it was the beginning. I have an old my dad’s electro-guitar and I’ve made my first fuzz and distortion pedals by schemes from magazines. Later we made a band with my friends, then another band, and another and another. I’ve played, hard-core, nu-metal, black metal, alternative rock, industrial, and grind-core. So in 99, I started to be interested in goth culture. Then I started discovering other music. Somewhere between 2002-2003, I left the last band I played in and decided to make music that was something new to me. This way I’ve created Ginger Snaps.


Yeah, you didn’t ask, but I’ll tell about this moment with “5″ in the Snaps. The original name of my musical act is Ginger Snaps. But when in 2003 I wanted to make a custom MySpace profile URL, it was already taken, so I changed the last “S” to “5”. Over time, this name stuck and I decided to use it for the official spelling. But, it pronounces like Ginger Snaps. I hope many of the guys are breathing a sigh of relief now. I still often receive this question 😃

Okay, where we stopped? Oh yeah. Well, since 2003 I’ve experimented with different styles and as you know a huge part of it was future pop. After the “Against the days” album I decided that with this kind of music, I’ve done everything that I wanted. I signed the label I dreamed of since 2006, I’ve made a lot of remixes and declared myself to the world. So it was time to move on. I was tired and bored of future-pop and that kind of music, all that romantic and melancholic stuff. I wanted to make something powerful and much more aggressive like in my teenage years. I went back to my musical roots, so to speak. Ginger Snap5 has transformed again and now sounds the way you know it.

As for music, I don’t limit my range of musical preferences. It really depends on my mood, season, weather, etc. A lot of factors. It can be Mylène Farmer, Chvrches, or Swarm, Die Antwoord, Dope D.O.D, Sleaford Mods, Ho99o9, Biohazard, Turnstile, Bad Omens, or Same Old Sean, who I’ve been listening to the last few days. If you’re really into music, you just can’t have one or five fav bands.

About movies, since my childhood I’ve been a real movie buff and a huge fan of the 80s and 90s movies. Perhaps this is due to the fact that our basic tastes and preferences are formed at a young age, up to about 18 years old. Yeah, the most part of them are naive, but they have some magic and warmth from color correction to OST. It was the best age of cinematography

What about books, I am a huge fan of the legendary Mr. Stephen King. I just adore his works so much (i have a tattoo of some of his gems), pure and endless love. I will really miss his presence in this world when the time comes and he passes away.

What do you miss most of all since russia started a full scale war?

Hmmm… I miss the safety and lightness of days. Miss the sea… Our beaches and coast are mined and close. Miss nightly parties and walking, we have a curfew that started at 11 pm and till 5 am. I miss inspiration, the war eats it up and leaves you totally empty… I miss life before the war. And miss the days when russian shit stayed fucking out of your life, and boiled in its own personal shit in its own “swamps”.

Could you tell me in your own words how the full scale war being carried out by russia in Ukraine has affected your life?

Oh, I’ve answered the question so many times so I don’t know what more to add. Well, the first few months of the war were in a constant state of anxiety but without panic, when you don’t leave your laptop, watching the news and monitoring many sources at once, tracking different things that change every 10 minutes. Awaiting attempts to seize Odesa. Since I signed up for the territorial defense on the first day of the war, I was constantly waiting for an sms or phone call with instructions on where to go to receive weapons and take up positions. I lost my main job so I started to devote more time to music to vent my hate and anger through creativity. With time and the victories of our army, calming began to come. You just believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and donate to their needs. It really helps to calm down in moments of panic. It’s like meditation. The main thing is not to panic, as panic does not help, but only worsens the condition.

How do you feel towards Russians after they have invaded Ukraine?

Well, in the middle of the 2000s, I lived in moscow for some time. So I know them from the inside and I hate them these days. Under the guise of comfortable and innovative life, medieval barbarians are hiding who are enemies to each other, who are ready to rob each other, to kill each other over a trifle. They are total scum and headfuckers. After 2013 I hate them with a multi-proportional hatred. After Feb 24, 2022, my hatred is seasoned with rage and anger and I wish them generations of suffering. They have to pay with interest for everything they’ve done.

What worries you have most about russia’s war in Ukraine?

I am concerned that the world is so infantile about it. Everybody is afraid of Putin and is hesitant to help… Haven’t we done enough to show that it is not necessary to be afraid and try to calm the rabid beast, but to fight and keep the promises of security that were made to us? Did World War II teach us nothing? “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” At first, when we needed help, the world just watched, dressed in yellow and blue (“yeah, it really helps, thanks!” – no, it doesn’t fucking help, like in that meme “We need support! – you’re doing great”). Except for Britain, Poland, and the Baltics. Without that help, it would have been much more difficult for us… I am worried that generations of Ukrainians have been disfigured because of this. Some lost their homes, some lost their loved ones, some lost their parents, some lost their entire families, and a terrible number of people were killed under torture. I’m concerned that the russians and putin might get away with it. The World is too weak and scared to help us to deal with it. That’s what I am most worried about.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope for the soonest undisputed victory of Ukraine, after which russia will be demilitarized with a ban on weapons production under the close supervision of international monitors. Will disintegrate into individual states that were occupied. And the miserable remnant that will remain of russia will be isolated and boycotted by the world as much as possible and it will return to the dark ages.

What more help would you like to see countries give to Ukraine?

Offensive weapons, a fucking lot of offensive weapons. Fighter jets, tanks, artillery, supplies.

Is there any more acton that you would like countries to take in regards to russia?

I want countries to stop being pussies and start behaving like “world sheriffs” who keep order. They know what they must do. The rest I have already described earlier.

What do you think about russia bands playing gigs in Europe whilst their country is carrying war crimes in Ukarine?

They should be banned. Concerts and visas should be canceled (I’m surprised they haven’t been canceled yet). Ban any russian from entering any country outside of fucking russia. The world does not yet understand that every russian in their country is a pretext for invasion under the guise of protecting russians.

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