WGT 2015

WGT 2015

I am quite looking forward to visiting my 15th WGT in the last 17 years. It’s definately not a festival for the narrow minded dark / gothic music fan. Some might claim it’s the same old names and no exciting bands to see. But despite the visual distraction of Whitbylike Steamunts and Vicborians there are some great new bands to see and some forgotten bands. Here are my recommendations ­čśë


(S) 22/05/15 Volkspalast Kuppelhalle 20.30h *

Death In Rome

(D) 22/05/15 Volkspalast Kantine 21.55h *

The Present Moment

(USA) 23/05/15 Stadtbad 17.30h

Crash Course In Science

(USA)Stadtbad 23/05/15 18.50h *

Minuit Machine

(f) 23/05/15 Stadtbad 20.00h *


(CDN) Stadtbad 23/05/15 21.20h


(DK) Heidnisches Dorf (pagan village) 23/05/15 21.40h

Agent Side Grinder

(S) 23/05/15 Stadtbad 22.50h *

Sol Invictus

(GB) 23/05/15 Altes Landratsamt 22.40h

Ash Code

(I) Volkspalast Kuppelhalle 24/05/15 16.30h *


(I) 24/05/15 Volkspalast Kantine 17.25h *


(D)/(GB) 24/05/15 Volkspalast Kuppelhalle 18.20h*

Veil Of Light

(CH) 24/05/15 Volkspalast Kantine 19.25h*


(USA) 24/05/15 Volkspalast Kantine 21.25h *

Vive La Fete

(B) 24/05/15 Kohlrabizirkus 21.10h

Unto Ashes

(USA) Schauspielhaus 24/05/15 22.50h*


(D) 25/05/15 Altes Landratsamt 19.50h

Astari Nite

(USA) Moritzbastei 25/05/15 21.10h *


(D) 25/05/15 Schauspielhaus 21.30h *


(GB) 25/05/15 Volkspalast Kantine 21.25h

Plus always some good bands to see at Heidnisches Dorf (pagan village) or some well known names like Deine Lakaien, Kirlian Camera (playing 2 shows), D.A.F, & Escape With Romeo.