It seems long time since my first WGT in 1999 but its still the biggest and best for bands and people on the planet 😉 I’ve seen a lot of the bands on the WGT before, but here are the ones you should try and catch clashes permitting 😉

INVSN Kohlrabizirkus 2nd June

ECHO WEST Stadtbad 2nd June

BOX AND THE TWINS Stadtbad 2nd June

Hørd Stadtbad 2 June

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Volkspalast Kumpelhalle 2nd June

Corvus Corax Haus Leipzig 2nd June

Nicole Sabouné Altes Landratsamt 3rd June

SOVIET SOVIET Täubchenthal 3rd June

Peter Bjärgö Schauspielhaus 3rd June

Spiritual Front Schauspielhaus 3rd June

Azar Swan Stadtbad 3rd June

Skinny Puppy Agra Hall 4th June

The Devil And The Universe Altes Landratsamt 4th June

Myrkur Schauspielhaus 4th June

SOFT KILL Volkspyalast Kuppelhalle 4th June

HOLYGRAM Altes Landratsamt 5th June

DRAB MAJESTY Altes Landratsamt 5th June

KLEZE.E Altes Landratsamt 5th June

Iamtheshadow Moritzbastei 5th June

ANNWN Schauspielhaus 5th June

THEODOR BASTARD Schauspielhaus 5th June

DA-SEIN Volkspalast Kantine 5th June

Also make sure you visit the Pagan Village Heidnisches Dorf recommended Bands ARCANA OBSCURA, ANNWN, TANZWUT, MYRKUR, and DAEMONIA NYMPHE