Weyrd Son Records is an exciting new label formed in December 2012 in Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of to trying to be the most honest and artist friendly label run on a shoe string. The lable has great selection of new and original minimal/coldwave artists from across the world and below are reviews of their current releases which you should make sure you listen to and if you like what you hear, please support the artists and the label.

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Ever Alive – a tribute to Snowy Red

Highlighting music by some of the pioneers and most influencial artists out of the minimal-cold-darkwave scene from the early eighties, “Ever Alive” pays tribute to Snowy Red and its frontman, Micky Mike. A great introduction to artists on the label!
Available on vinyl only: 2×12″ (180gr) grey / hand-numbered limited edtion of 500.

Side 1 opens with Never Alive by BEASTIAL MOUTHS– bombastic nice minimal. Deep Desire – TENSE – has a very 80’s minimal feel. Sinkin Down – STRANGE POWERS – classic coldwave. Very nice! Euroshima (wardance) – SCORPIONE VIOLENTE– great cover! Baby Tonight – MUSHY – a masterful minimal dark waltz. It’s So Good – VIOLENT TREMORS a great dancefloor track! Nowhere – MIRROR MIRROR -another one to set the minimal dancefloor alight!Love it! The Long Run – MEDDICINE – haunting minimalistic soundscape. Breakdown – NOVA MURA feat Jessy Champagne – An epic slice of coldwave. Love it! Another smash on the dancefloor!
Side 2 – Euroshima (wardance) – REVELATOR feat Freddy Rupert – reminds me a bit of early Die Form. Lies In Your Eyes – ANIMAL BODIES – This track will melt any coldwave dancefloor. An epic! Blood Blood Blood – NEWCLEAR WAVES nice minimal track. Torpedo Good Luck – SAFYEE a classic 80’s coldwave feel. Great! A Picture – LED ER EST – a great coldwave cover! Breakdown – BRIGHT FUTURE – Cold classic. Nowhere – MARBURG A minimal dancefloor smash! The album closes with So Low from DEATHDAY almost a minimal Jesus & Mary Chain – nice.


Originally released on cassette, this vinyl reissue of Linea Aspera’s last EP is a must have for minimal synth and darkwave enthusiasts.
The three tracks featured on this EP are wonderful synth-pop/noise/industrial pearls.
An essential 3 track EP opening with Kinabalu coldwave and minimalistic entwinned. Vultures is the stand out track on the ep. Very 80’s new wave in sound a dancefloor smash! Royal straight closes the EP in minimalstic instrumental glory.
This collection comes in a single-sided clear vinyl with artwork printed on PVC sleeve and tracing paper insert.Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

MARIE DAVIDSON- Perte d’identité

Perte d’identité, which translates to “loss of identity,” is the debut LP by composer, singer and poet Marie Davidson, one of the finest artists rising from the electronic dark-synth scene in Montreal. Her voice is a stark half-spoken monotone which will tell you stories from which you can’t escape unchanged.
The album opens with minimalstic heartbeat of Prélude– lovely! Abduction could almost be a female In Death It Ends a great swathe of dark atmospherics. Shaky Leg – minimalistic obscura at its best and most original. Vie et mort d’un égo – classical minimalism to fuel the addiction. Je ne t’aime pas has a hint of early Kirlian Camera great stuff! Perte d’identité returns to a more atmospheric minimal feel. Shaky Leg (Remix by Cristobal U & The Mole) is a slightly more danced up version which works quite well.
Another collectable vinyl release.

LUMINANCE -Obsessive Viper smile


After two EP’s that have set the already so recognizable multiple dimensions of one-man band project LUMINANCE, this very special release presents a two tracks selection that illustrates and resumes perfectly the richness of Luminance’s variegated range of colours and textures. This 7″ opens with Obsession (feat. Nathalie Bruno ex-Phosphor). A great coldwave track to freeze any dancefloor- Great track! Viper Smile – luscious minimal electro to take the dancefloor by storm!

KOBAN – Void

Koban is a storm that has been gathering over the Pacific Northwest since 2011. After an EP and full length recording behind them, the Vancouver-based duo is striking out again with a new 6-song EP on Weyrd Son Records this time, gaining sound and fury in these brooding new tracks. Koban naturally and seamlessly genre bend, their punk roots buried deep under layers of melded synth, goth and post-punk. This creates a unique sound which is simultaneously full and sparse, atmospheric and uneasy. A drum machine creates a baseline over which moody interchanging vocals and blown-out guitar noise quickly and organically oscillates. Their lyrics give a wink and nod to their influences and feature songs sung in French for an icy touch. Koban leave you with a feeling of being utterly new and a sense of déjà vu.
401a what an epic opening track something a lot more than a generic postpunk track will appeal stringly to fans of The KVB/ Deathday love it! Rappeler just when you thought Koban couldn’t get better than the opening track they do. A great coffin slab of coldwave – a hint of Xmal in French! Détacher et déguiser – a french coldwave version of Mephisto Walz wow! Cool Wind – Demonstrates the great use of dual vocals what a great song to dance to. Must be great live! Delerium – sees Koban go into overdrive a perfect fusion of mephisto walz guitars and dancefloor coldwave fire! Standing On The Edge – epic. What a great release. Buy it now!
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.140gr Black splatter vinyl.300gr Deluxe cardboard sleeve with varnish UV spots.


Mushy-Meddicine - Split EP - cover
Initially this Mushy/Meddicine split saw its release last year on tape through Meddicine’s own label SixSixSixties Records. Both sides have a similar hypnotizing quality that is bound to intrigue anyone, yet are very different at the same time. Hailing from Italy, Mushy is like a siren; you know deep down that giving in to her seductive chanting will take you to a dark place, but you submit yourself nonetheless. Meddicine is a different kind of enchantress. Her music is overwhelming in a harsher, more straightforward way, seducing by pulsating sound and noise rather than vocals. In other words, this vinyl reissue offers a great combination of psychedelic synths and noise that will leave no one unimpressed.

A-side Mushy – Can I Hold The Sky very nice atmospheric minimalism. (Let Me) Go Away – A beautiful minimalistic soundscape! My All Secrets -Almost cold minimalistic snakelike charming music – epic stuff! B-Side Meddicine –Go Go Betty! will appeal strongly to fans of The Devil & The Universe seductively sinister! I Dream You Are Here – dark and very disturbing electronic invocation music! Love it! Twilight– signals the fall of light. Disturbing!
Available on 12″ vinyl (140gr) hand-numbered limited edtion of 300.