In the 80’s & early 90’s I used to go to lots of gigs and the headline act would more often than not have a great support band who would then go on to headline their own tour 6 -8 months later. The last time I saw such a good support band was when Stellarstar played Leeds and they fetched an unknown band The Killers with them. Then a  week later they release “Somebody Told Me” and the rest is history.

I went to see Killing Joke in Sheffield this week and was expecting much from the support bands but always try to hear 2 or 3 songs from them. I was blown away by how good The Crying Spell were that I decided to buy all their CD’s.

DisgracelandThe Crying Spell is already going to be one of my top albums of 2012. Here’s my review.

1. Broken Night With Juliet -Opens the album with a bang – a perfect pop wave song awash with melting guitars with lots of reverb & chorus, a very tight bass and programming which fit’s the drumming like a glove. Very catchy vocal delivery

2 .Envy – Is more rock and the bass line reminds me of classic Ghostdance with possibly a hint of The Cult circa The Electric album.  Great vocals again.

3. Hot Secret Hotel –  The song weaves its way like a snake through your head with some killer guitar hooks very  catchy lyrics which will have you singing along.

4. Back to Eden –  Has a hint of “wicked game” but this just shows the wide range of song writing and varied guitars in the band. Damn catchy!

5. Lipstick Crush –  A beautiful love ballad which captures the spirit of The Cure’s pop classics.

6. We’re On Fire – Love this track, definitely my choice for a single. A great track to dance to in a club or bopping around your room. Infectious lyrics with amazing musical delivery. You will be on fire!

7. Butterfly Hurricane – This would be my second choice for a single. Slightly more coldwave  with exquisite programming more obvious and complimented by some luscious guitars. Tight drums and bass make the perfect dark pop song.

8. Android Lust – Feverish bass line.  A hint of early Billy Idol . Very epic. Very 80’s. Would make a great single! You will dance.

9. Midnight Supernova – Yet  another bullet of  pop wave burning through you head. Bop til you drop!

10. Dead War – A slight drum roll then Bang! The charge of a soaring guitar. A chorus to bounce and sing along to. Wow! Destined to become a live classic.

11. Born On The Bayou – No its not a country classic but a very nice rock wave ditty.

12. Moving In Stereo –  Again sees the programming more to fore so a bit more wave electro but no less epic.

13. Under The Milky Way – One of my favourite songs by “The Church” for me this is as good as the original whilst still having a rich vein of The Crying Spell  flowing through it.

14.  Zombie – a cover of “The Cranberries” classic which captures the beauty of the original but explosive bursts of The Crying Spells brilliance.

This album is definitely an 11/10 one and will appeal to fans of 80’s wave guitar music, early U2, The Bravery, The Cure, The Killers. An epic album which the band more than match live so go see them supporting Killing Joke or wait for their next tour as headliners!