I-M-R formed 2011 singer/songwriter Ralf Jesek and his former IN MY ROSARY live guest musicians Martin von Arndt (Printed At Bismarck’s Death), HolgerDiener and Hansi Huenig continue the musical idea of his first project In My Rosary.
This is the bands follow up to “From Letters To The Paper Garden”. What I really like about I-M-R is that they are a band as clearly demonstrated by this album, which appeal to a variety of fans into different genres of dark music, and so they can’t be easily pigeon holed into a particular genre.

I-M-R cleverly mix darkwave, goth, neoclassical, neofolk, ethereal, wave and dark electronics. Stand out tracks are Never Again – a clever collison between neofolk and electronics with perhaps a hint of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio creating a lovely wave of sound! In Two mixes neoclassical with ethereal. Epic! Drowned in You reminds me of Hall Of Souls locked in a closet with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and struggling to breakout with deep dark waves of sublime music! Night is possibly my favourite track on the album a minimal electronic dark track which is damn catchy! Almost a new genre Neolectrofolk. Love it ! Shattered is a mix of darkwave / gothic and should be a smash on the dancefloor! I-M-R do a great job with their cover of Joy Division’sA Means To An End giving it a danced up darkwave feel whilst clinging on to the beautiful melancholy of the track. Should be a dancefloor smash!


Definitely on my list of bands to see live list!